India is a fast developing country and we have new road and flyover constructions almost every day. Most cities are unplanned and it’s a struggle to find your way even if you know the address! Have you ever been in that situation where you frantically fiddled with your smartphone on your left hand so that you can see Google Maps while you steered your car with the other hand?

We will never level let this happen to you again!

 AutoMount is our solution to secure your smartphone in an instant onto your vehicle dashboard or windshield so that you will never struggle to use your smartphone when you are behind the wheel. It is so elegantly designed and quick to operate. Now you can use your navigation application, change your playlist or attend a voice call easily when you are driving. We are certain that anyone with a smartphone and a 4 wheeler must have an AutoMount!

We are a young team with a desire to solve problems in the most elegant and simple fashion. We are recent graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar, and we have a lot of other projects lined up next year.