Super convenient!
I have tested this at high speeds(120kmph+) and even on Delhi’s pothole filled roads and it holds my phone in its place. Automount listens to customer feedback well and was quick in giving solutions to any problems or I encountered.

Anirudh Sood

New Delhi, Delhi

I stumbled across AutoMount when I was looking for a phone holder to replace the bulky and inconvenient holder that I was using at the moment. AutoMount magnetic holder simply is the best product ever. Mounting the phone is so effortless using this product. Highly recommended!

Swapnil Takle

Nasik, Maharashtra

I have been using Automount for over 3 months. It came with a real neat packaging and a surprisingly detailed instruction manual. The suction power is robust, it has some sort of a sticky gel under it that makes it feel very sturdy. Mounting and releasing takes no time at all as it uses magnets. I had to stick a very thin metal plate under my phone case to use this mount but overall I dont have to clip, clamp or do other things to mount my phone anymore. Pretty handy actually. I was fed up with all the mounts in the market and almost stopped using mounts in my car until i found this product. This is awesome

Here are things that I like about Automount magnetic holder:
1) It’s convenient. Takes no time to mount and dismount.
2) It’s very small in size. It doesn’t obstruct my windshield view.
3) I have full access to my volume rocker, usb port etc. My previous mount blocked my power button which means if the phone goes to sleep mode I had to unclip the phone from the mount, press the power button and then clip the phone again to the mount inorder to access my phone. That was EXTREMELY inconvenient. AutoMount does not block any buttons or ports.
4) It looks kinda nice

A few of my friends also bought the product once they saw it in my car. Recommended product!

Shubham Sirothia

Bangalore, Karnataka

Works great even with a curved back phone. Getting another.

Deepak Rao

Bangalore, Karnataka

Automount magnetic mount is by far the best phone holder that I ever purchased! I have an iPhone6 and it works perfectly with the mount. It doesnt take an instant to mount and dismount the phone from the holder, which is a relief compared to all other mounts that i had earlier. Recommended!

Vivek Renukaprasad

Bangalore, Karnataka

Awesome device. Its super convenient and it made using my smartphone while driving so much easier.

Shashanka L

Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Awesome product! It literally takes less than a second to mount and dismount my phone now. Plus as advertised in there videos, it is extremely compact. I cant wait for more cool products from these guys

Mayank Bhargava

Chandigarh, Punjab

Automount magnetic mount is a really good mount. Enjoy using it!

Ajeet Jha

Bangalore, India

The mount is real good and sticks very well. Quality is top notch and the product is value for money. Excellent delivery speed. Got it delivered in 2 days to Hyderabad. I am super happy about the purchase.

Ankit Maurya

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh